Redden’s quoted definition of education is quite comprehensive. It reads like this “Education is the deliberate and systematic influence exerted by the mature person upon the immature, through instruction, discipline and harmonious development of physical, intellectual, aesthetic, social and spiritual powers of the human being, according to individual and social needs and directed towards the union of the educand with his creator as the final end.”show that

An analysis of Redden’s definition of education will

———Education is deliberate and systematic.

———Education is an influence exerted by a mature person upon an immature person.

Education leads to harmonious development.

Development is according to individual and social needs.

Education is a means to an end.

1. Education is deliberate and systematic. Education is a deliberate process. It is a conscious process. It involves care and guidance. It is not a haphazard activity. It is carefully planned, hence, it is systematic.

2.Influence exerted by a mature person upon the immature one. Education involves one who knows andthe one who does not know. Mature persons which include parents, teachers and other elders influence the young one-the learners.

3.Education leads to harmonious development. Education is a complex process. Its aim is harmonious development of the learner’s personality. This means, through the process of education all aspects of the child’s personality physical, intellectual, aesthetic, social and spiritual should develop together in perfect harmony.

4.Individual and social needs. The development should be according to individual needs. But the social needs of the society.

5.The union of the created with his creator. Education is a means to the final end. It is through education that the individual is to meet his creator and attain salvation.In short, education is a continuous, life-long process.

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