Advantages of Interview

1. High Responses:

The percentage of response is likely to be much higher than in case of questionnaire.

2. Greater depth:

It permits greater depth and provides a true picture of opinions and feelings.

3. Flexibility:

The interview is more flexible than questionnaire.The interviewer can elaborate and clarify the questions when the respondent is unable to understood.

4. Establishment of Rapport:

The interview permits establishment of rapport and stimulates respondent to give complete and valid answer. By establishing rapport, get delicate and confidential informations. greater interviewer can

5. Assurance of Confidentiality:

The interviewer can give assurance that the facts will be kept confidential and will be used properly.

6. Two-way Communication:

It permits exchange of ideas and thoughts. It gives opportunity for give and take.

7. No doubt or misunderstanding:

The interviewer is personally present to remove the doubt or misunderstanding.

8. Friendly Atmosphere:

The interviewer can create a friendly atmosphere which is necessary for obtaining desired data.

9. High Reliability:

The data collected through interviews has been found to be more reliable.

10. Only method of specific categories:

It is the only method used for categories like young children, illiterates, abnormal children and mentally retarded children.

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