TEACHER’S SALARY PACKAGES(United States of America)

Increase in Salaries:

Traditionally, teachers had relatively low salaries. In- 1960, for example, the average teacher salary in current dollars was slightly less than $26,000. By 2003 this figure had risen to more than $45,000. Today experienced teachers in wealthy school districts frequently earn $80,000 to $100,000. Moreover, teachers have opportunities to supplement their income by supervising after-school programs, athletics, drama, and other extracurricular activities, and some advance to administrative positions with annual salaries well over $ 100,000. In addition, keep in mind that public-school teachers usually have excellent benefits (such as pensions and health insurance) compared to other workers.

Differences Among States

Teaching pay varies considerably among and within states. Average overall salaries in the three highest-paying sates (California, Michigan, and Connecticut) were much higher than those in the three lowest-paying states (North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota). Of course, we must take into account comparative living costs. It is much more expensive to live in New York, for example, than to live in the northern plains states. Salaries differ widely within states, too, where average state pay scales are high. Salary schedules suburban districts generally are substantially higher than those in most other school districts.

Salaries very with Experience and Education

The greatest variation in salaries relates to years of experience and education. Teachers with more experience and more education earn more than those with less of either. Table shows the range based on years experience and additional education in a typical salary schedule—that of the St. Mary’s County, Maryland, public schools. The salary schedule negotiated for 2004 provided $35,272 for the first-year teacher with a standard certificate and $68,119 for a teacher at the highest level of experience and education. Although numbers change from district to district and state, the wide difference between upper and lower pay levels is fairly common.

Starting Salaries

Teaching Profession – B.EdAlthough a teacher at the top of the salary schedule can earn an attractive salary (especially considering that the academic year is less than ten months long), starting salaries still tend to be lower than in some other professions. Recognizing this problem, many political and educational leaders have been working to increase salaries for both first- year and experienced teachers in order to attract and retain high-quality staff. During the inflationary 1970s, teachers’ salaries declined relative to inflation and to the average salary of all workers, but gains in both these measures have registered since 1980.

Table Selected Steps in the Salary Schedule for the St. Mary’s County, Maryland, Public Schools, 2004

Bachelor’s Degree and Standard CertificateMaster’s Degree or Advance CertificateMaster’s Degree and Advance Certificate +15 Approved HoursMaster’s Degree and Advance Certificate +51Approved Hours
First year$35,272$37,224$38,206$40,163
Fifth year$37,058$40,090$41,605$46,251
Tenth year$44,730$46,749$49,326$53,920
Thirtieth year$49,731$60,909$63,556$68,119

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