Professional Opportunities and Responsibilities

The competit teacher regards the profession of teaching as a life career

  1. The con petent teacher believes whole-heartedly in the profession of teaching as a great social institution, necessay for the preservation of the American way of life.
  2. The competent teacher understands the nature, scope, aim, peciar characteristics, and problems of teaching and accepts them as an accompaniment of membership in the profession.
  3. The competent teacher strives to achieve maximum development not only in skills for vocational, cultural, and social compcience but also for the development of sound moral character and personal integrity.
  4. The competent teacher is willing to participate democratically in the formulation of policies affecting the educational program.
  5. The competent teacher engages in professional activities designed to improve the profession as well as himself.

Human Relationships

The teacher’s work brings him into constant relationship with many people.

  1. The competent teacher strives to understand and apply the techniques of group relationships so that he may work sympathetically with his pupils and their parents, fellow teachers and administrators, and the general public.
  2. The competent teacher develops an understanding of his role as a teacher in relation to the objectives and spirit of the whole school system.
  3. The competent teacher studies and practices the Code of Ethics of the profession.

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