Office and OfficersThe Bradford NUT Office, at 22 Edmund Street (100 yards from the Photography Museum, is staffed every day of the week. Advice and support are only a visit or a local phonecall away. Our local officers have worked for many years in Bradford schools, and have vast experience of representing their colleagues.

Why do you need us?

Every year we help hundreds of members concerned about conditions of service, Fixed Term Contracts, salaries, ill. health, parental complaints, disciplinary matters, threat of redundancy, pensions, and a wide range of school-related problems.A problem frequently experienced by new teachers is in the calculation of their start-up salary. We can give you advice and assistance in determining whether you are being paid the right amount and correcting any errors. No other union can offer an equivalent level of support.

Regional and National Support

Our Yorkshire Regional Office provides additional specialist support in the fields of maternity leave, sickness, legal problems and industrial tribunals. Ours is the only Union with its own specialist team of Regional Solicitors. Further support with local as well as national issues is available from our London Head Office.

Benefits and Services

The NUT nationally offers a wide range of benefits and services.

These include:

  • four collective policies giving members automatic for Personal Accident, Hospitalisation, Personal Property and Cash and Malicious Damage To Vehicles;
  • free Countdown Discount card and Countdown Travel Service;
  • discounted rates for Green Flag Rescue service;
  • free legal cover for personal injury claims for you and your family away from work

Involvement of Members:

which goes out to every member from the local branch of the Union. The National Union produces a magazine which goes out eight times a year to every member.and your family away from work. We make sure that all our members are kept up to date with issues that affect them. We have a regular Newsletter

In Bradford:

Bradford is a vibrant city, but there is no doubt that working in its education system presents many challenges.

Bradford has tremendous problems of poverty and disadvantage, which its teachers work very hard to address. Their efforts are not always properly appreciated by the media, by the Government or by OFSTED. They need a strong voice to speak up for them.

The effects can still be felt of Bradford’s recent massive school reorganisation, and the current reorganisation of SpecialEducation.Serco, a private company with little educational background, now delivers a whole range of services to schools

on behalf of the Council, including personnel advice support. Teachers and Soulbury staff working for it experience major upheavals and uncertainties.The current teacher shortage, which affects a significa number of Bradford schools, means that the protection from unreasonable demands that a union can provide is more important than ever.

  • We have a team of experienced negotiators whose job is to protect your interests in any discussion with your school, Serco or the LEA.
  • We have a team of safety representatives trained to identify the dangers, difficulties and stresses arising from the massive school building programme which has taken place in Bradford and from the many old school buildings which remain. Our local officers will then act promptly to protect you and your pupils.
  • We will use our collective strength and our negotiating experience to protect teachers from unreasonable workload or working arrangements.

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