Obviously, an occupational group canno’ achieve full professional status by simply having its members so declare.

Such recognition must come from the general public outside the group concerned. This public recognition has not yet been received for several reasons, among which are the following:

1.Low Requirements for Certification

The requirements for obtaining a teaching certificate are still very low. Many Governments are still required to use teachers with substandard certificates.

2.Low Regard for Professional Competence

People do not always have high regard for the professional competence of teachers. This is evidenced by the apparent willingness of many citizens to accept teachers with substandard certificates, or no certificates at all, in the classrooms when properly certificated teachers are in short supply.

According to the National Commission Teacher Education and Professional Standards, “Teaching will not become full-fledged profession until the average parent will consult his child’s teacher with the same confidence that he would seek professional advice from the members of other professions.” This certainly will not happen until requirements for certification are high and substandard certificates are not available.

3.Low Salaries

Relatively low salary scales for teachers still exist in many areas.

4. Teachers Say Good Bye to this Profession

Teaching is too often used as a stepping stone to other occupations.

5.Code of Ethics is an Individual Matter

Observance of a code of ethics is still an individual matter with each teacher in many places.

6. Low Interest in Professional Organizations

Some teachers are interested in getting educators to organize and go form a trade-affiliate rather than a professional.

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