Teachers like many other groups of people, are rganizers and joiners. As a result many professional rganizations for teacher have been formed and have exerted onsiderable influence upon the field of education..


The professional organizations of teachers have the ollowing purposes.

1. To elevate the character and advance the interests of profession of teaching

2. To promote the cause of education

3.To improve education through the improvement of teaching profession

4. To improve the lives of members and their families

5. To give voice to legitimate professional, economic and social aspirations

6.To strengthen the institutions

7. To improve the quality of teaching and other services

8. To bring to gather all members to assist and support one other

9. To promote democracy, human rights and freedom at national and international level.

10. To promote excellence in Education

11. To service professional wages and benefits

12. To protect the career of teachers

13. To build community support

14. Lobbying for funding and other decisions that affect schools

15. To secure rightful social, professional status of teachers.

16. To safe guard economic and professional interest of teachers

17. To secure satisfactory conditions of work and service

18. To secure professional growth of teachers through refresher courses, seminars, publications, library service and research

19. To establish a professional code of conduct for teachers and to ensure that it is followed by members

20. To improve the financial conditions of teachers

21. To publish periodicals, research monographs, teachers had books and reference materials

22. To provide library services, consultation services, employment services, educational travel services and research guidance services

23. To provide welfare services such as hospitalization services, educational assistance services to children and dependents of teacher

24. To undertake professional negotiations through recognized channels

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