Teaching is a complicated job. It is not mere communication of knowledge to the students. Even knowledge cannot be handed over to students like currency. The teacher has to attend to a number of factors while working in the school. Some of his duties may be discussed as under:

1. Teaching.

Teaching is the first and foremost duty of the teacher. The teacher should prepare his lessons regularly. He must motivate the pupils and use methods and techniques of teaching suitable for a particular group of students. He must always try to improve his teaching skill. He should give regular home work and correct it regularly. Activities on the part of pupils should be properly stimulated and directed.

2. Planning.

In order to be successful, the teacher must plan his work well. At the first place, he should plan his teaching work. He should decide how much work is to be done in a particular month and a particular week. Daily teaching work must also be planned. He should plan the use of teaching aids in advance. Activities of the pupils are also to be planned by him.

3. Organising.

The teacher has to organise a number of things in the school. He has to organise the school plant. He should see that the class-rooms are well equipped. He is to make seating arrangements, distribute equipment and attend to its proper up- keep. He has to organise instructional work, dividing the syllabus into units, classification of students, construction of time-table and co-curricular activities are also to be organised. Library work, laboratory work, sports etc. need proper organisation.


The teacher has to supervise a number of tasks and activities. He is required to supervise attendance of pupils, their daily home work, their work habits and behaviour. He has to maintain order and discipline in the school. He may have to supervise pupils in the hostel.


The teacher is not to simply supervise pupils and their work but he is to give suggestions and guide them. Pupils need his guidance in matters of study, activities, selection of courses etc. Pupils’ study habits and work habits have to be guided properly. He must pay attention to all children, particularly to the delinquent, abnormal and mal-adjusted children. Guidance in health matters is also to be given.

6. Evaluating.

Work of the pupils and their participation should be evaluated by the teacher from time to time. It is evaluation which will throw light on teachers’ work and pupils’ achievement. Evaluation will point out weaknesses in the teaching learning process and the teacher can adopt suitable remedial measures. The teacher has to conduct house tests and report the progress of pupils to parents and the headmaster. Policies of promotion have to be chalked out in the light of evaluation.

7.Teaching Profession – B.Ed Recording.

The teacher has to maintain record of pupil’s achievement in different subjects and activities. Also, he has to record their admission, attendance, their score in different tests, realisation of fee etc. The teacher may also be required to maintain school records such as property register, supply of equipment, issue of books etc. He is also to write annual reports of various activities and functions done during the year.

8. Maintaining Relations.

It is the duty of the teacher to maintain good relations with the pupils, their parents and general public. For this purpose, parent-teacher association may be organised by the teacher. The relationship with parents will solve many problems.

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