Bradford’s Active, Campaigning Union Temporary and Fixed-Term Contracts

If you are on a fixed term contract it is very important that you have the backing of the NUT in securing permanence and ensuring that you are protected from such things as unfair treatment and unfair dismissal.

Securing Fair Pay

We continue to campaign against the Government’s unfair and damaging system of Performance Related Pay. Al the same time we make sure that teachers who apply to cross the Threshold and move up the Post-Threshold spine have the best advice and support in doing so.

Education for a Multicultural City

The NUT in Bradford is committed to securing an education system that teaches respect for the rights and cultures of children of all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. and that is funded and organised to maximise the achievement of all children.

Professional Support

We act swiftly to protect members against violence and harassment at work.

Job Security.

Thanks in large measure to the NUT, Bradford remains one of a diminishing number of Authorities where no permanent teacher has been made compulsorily redundant. You need a strong union if we are to maintain this record.

Workload, Bureaucracy, Planning

Unlike other unions, we believe that only qualified teachers should teach classes. We have the protection of a ballot to resist excessive work where necessary, including that arising from the use of unqualified staff.

Ending SATs and League Tables

These have damaged the education system in England for too long. We campaign to replace them with professional systems of assessment and evaluation

Teacher Support Network – Helping Teachers

  • Sickness, accidents,bereavements, family complications, stress at work there are a whole host of problems which bring unexpected financial and emotional difficulties in their wake.
  • The Teacher Support Network (formerly known as the Teachers’ Benevolent Fund) can often help in such circumstances by providing counselling, financial and other assistance for serving teachers and their dependants, as well as for retired colleagues. It also organises residential care.
  • The TSN complements statutory agencies particularly in areas of need too delicate for official handling, or outside the confines of the welfare state.
  • Our local TSN Secretary or the national helpline canalways be contacted with complete confidentiality.
  • Teacherline provides confidential counselling to thousands of stressed teachers every year.

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