B. Three-Years B.A. / B. Sc., B. Ed. Programme(12+3 Model):


The three-year integrated model has been recommended because of a long felt need of integrating the teaching of content and methodology under the umbrella of the same institution. It is believed that through this model the student will be in a better position to comprehend the scope of the subject matter in relation to the principles of teaching and learning. The introduction of semester and internal evaluation system will further enrich the curriculum efforts and add meaning and value to the classroom activities. Any student who has studied through this model will receive a composite. B.A., B. Ed. or B. Sc., B. Ed. degree which will enable him to study further at M.A. / M. Sc and M. Ed. levels or to join teaching profession as a secondary school teacher.The three-year programme (12+3 Model) of teacher training was initially introduced at the institute of Education and Research, Gomal, University, Dera Ismail Khan. But due to unknown reasons it was discontinued after completing the training of two batches. Presently it is going on in College of Education Islamabad, and Government College of Education, Afzalpur (AJK).

Admission Criteria:

a. Pre-requisite for admission = Intermediate (2nd Division)60%
b. Admission Test:
(i) Written 20%
(ii) Interview. 20%
Academic Courses70%
Professional Courses30%
1. Academic Courses:
a. Required Courses20%
b. Electives15%
c. Specialization65%
2. Professional Courses:
a. Theory (Required and Elective Courses)70%
b. Practice Teaching30%
Semester System:
A semester system and internal evaluation technique have been recommended for the proposed programme of 12+3 model. There will be two semesters in each year except in the final year which will be of 11 month’s duration as in 14+1 model.
A student will take a work load of 15 credit hours excluding practice teaching in every semester. In case of Industrial Group, however, there will be only four semesters of 18 credit hours each. The final year of the programme will be of 11 month’s duration as in case of other groups. The academic and professional will run concurrently.The student will be required to obtain at least a pass mark (above 40 %) in all courses to qualify for the B. Ed. award.A student failing in any course will be required to complete as an ex-student, appropriate assignments and test, when that course is next offered by the college in case of any elective course the student also has the option of substituting the course.
The M.Ed. programme aims at preparing educational planners, managers, administrators, teacher educators, guidance counselors, researchers and leaders in specific areas of education. The M. Ed. programme is offered at the following institutions;
1. Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab, Lahore. (A two-years M. A. Edu. Programme is also offered at this institute).
2. Institute of Education and Research, Gomal University D.I. Khan
3. Institute of Education Research, University of Sindh, Jamshoro

4. Institute of Education and Researc, Peshawar University, Peshawar

5. Department of Education, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

6. Department of Education, University of Baluchistan, Quetta

7. Department of Education, Islamic Univeristy Bahawalpur

8. Government College of Education, Lahore

9. Government College of Education, Multan

10. Government College of Education, Federal B Area Karachi

11. Government Jamia Millia College of Education,Malir, Karachi

Subject offering differs remarkably at each Institution.Following Areas of specialization have been recommended by the National Committee on Teacher Education Curriculum:

1. Education.al Administration

2. Curriculum Development

3. Primary Education

4. Secondary Education

5. Teacher Education

6. Science Education

7. Educational Planning and Development

8. Special Education

9. Adult Education

10. Instructional Technology

11. Guidance and Counselling

12. Research and Evaluation

This programme is supposed to comprise, at least, ten courses, out of which 5 will be compulsory, in the
specialization area and one general education elective. The compulsory courses may include: Educational Psychology. Guidance and Counselling:

Foundations of Education: Research, Measurement and Evaluation: Curriculum Development and Instruction (with emphasis on any one subject matter area): and Educational Planning, Administration and Supervision.

Besides the above course work, each student will have to complete a project under the supervision of the faculty. The will have to complete some practical area of interest in the field of education.

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