A. Scheme of Studies Programme (14+1):


It is a post-graduate level teacher education programme. The main purpose of this programme is to meet the ever increasing need of trained teachers at secondary school level. It provide training facilities for those who want to engage themselves in the teaching profession at secondary school level and also orientate the working teachers with the advancements and new trends in the teaching methodology.


Persons having BA, B. Sc. Qualification are eligible for admission. Preference is given to in-service teachers with above qualification


10 This programme provides an opportunity for secondary school teachers to improve their professional qualifications and enhance their competence and prospects. This programme also introduced innovations in teachers training and updating teachers knowledge and skills in the light of latest curricula and trends.The duration of this training programme is 46 weeks. It is expected that this programme will be replaced by the B. Ed. 12+3 model in due course of time.

Course of Study:

a. Perspectives of Education in Pakistan100
b. Human Development and Learning100
c. School Organization and Management100
d. Evaluation and Guidance100
e. Society, School and Teacher100
f. Individual Project100
g. Two Courses with Two papers (Content & Methods of Teaching) to be selected on from any one of the following areas:
a. General b. Science c. Industrial
d. Commercial e. Agriculture f. Home Economics
h. Teaching Practice200
Total Marks:1200

Schedule of Work

1. First Semester18 Weeks
2. Evaluation and Planning01 Weeks
3. Short-Term Teaching Practice including Demonstration of Criticism Lessons03 Weeks
4. Second Semester18 Weeks
5. Break for Evaluation and Planning01 Weeks
6. Teaching Practice Term05 Weeks
7. Winter and Spring Breaks02 Weeks
Sequence of Courses

First Semester

a. Perspectives of Education in Pakistan

b.Human Development and Learning in by

c.School Organization and Management

d. Special Method Course (Content and Methodology)

Second Semester

e.Evaluation and Guidance Society, School and Teacher

f.Individual Project

h. Special Method Course (Content and Methodology)

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