The following teacher education institutions are working in Punjab and offer in-service and pre-service teacher training programmes:

1. University of Education:

University of education was established in 2002. Pre- service teacher training was the main focus of the university. Its main campus is at Lahore. The constituted campuses of the university are present in all the main cities of the Punjab. Government Colleges for Elementary Teachers in the Punjab are also affiliated with the university. Among the others, main programmes offered by the university are B. Ed, M. Ed and M.A. (Education). The aim of the university of education is the preparation of teachers according to the new challenges of the 21″ century.

The university emphasizes on:

1. The enhancement of the academic standards of the teacher training programmes

2. Curriculum development for teacher training

3. Staff development

4. Application of innovative teaching methods.

5. Improvement in assessment and examination

2. Directorate of Staff Development:

Education Extension Centre is now renamed as Directorate of Staff Development. Its office is working in Lahore. It is the administrative body of al the Government Colleges for Elementary Teachers in the Punjab. Its main purpose is the staff development. It offers in-service teacher training courses for the professional growth of the teachers especially for the staff of Government Colleges of Elementary Teachers. It plans and organizes refresher courses for teachers. It also facilitates the teachers for academic improvement.

3. Provincial Institute of Teacher Education (PITE):

Provincial Institutes of Teacher Education are established in each province. In Punjab, it is established in Lahore. Its purpose is in-service and Pre-service teacher education.

4. Government Colleges of Education:

Government Colleges of Education are now-a-days working as constituted colleges of university of education and are renamed as university campuses. These colleges offer B. Ed, M. Ed and M.A. (Education) and other programmes.

5. Government College for Elementary Teachers:

Government Colleges for Elementary Teachers are working under the umbrella of Directorate of Staff Development. These colleges are affiliated with university of education. These colleges offer B. Ed and M. Ed programmes.

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