Tanzeem-e-Asatiza Pakistan:

Tanzeem-e-Asatiza Pakistan is an educational, cultural and professional forum of school, college and university teachers, who have devoted their lives for the cause of Islam. More than two thousand members of this Organization put their efforts with a high level of expertise and motivation to replace two hundred years old colonial system of education with a dynamic Islamic educational system. Without proper education the Muslim youth had become vulnerable to alien trends.

Aim of Organization:

Tanzeem-e-Asatiza aims at reconstructing both theory and practice of education to bring it in harmony with the teaching of Islam. The members of Tanzeem strongly believe that the foundation of Islamic education system can not be laid down without Islamization of content and the methodology of the present academic disciplines.

Objectives of Organization:

From the day of its inception in 1969. Tanzeem-e- Asatiza has been making concerted efforts to achieve following objectives.

1. To struggle for the betterment of teachers

2. To organize multiple activities for the character building of the teaching community

3. To bring the present education system in harmony with the needs and trends of Islam

4.To inculcate ideology of Pakistan in the minds of students and teachers

5. To eliminate the impact of secular thoughts and attitudes from the educational institutions

6. To create a conducive environment in the educational institutions to build and Islamic character among Muslim youth

7. To provide educational and intellectual guidance to students

8. To provide educational opportunities to the deserving deprived students

9. To work for international collaboration among teachers organizations of different countries for professional development


Tanzeem-e-Asatiza Pakistan seeks to achieve the above mentioned objectives by using the following means:

1. Best use of available resources to spread its massage in the academic community and then organizes like minded teachers for the common cause

2. Establishment of study and research centres to facilitate teachers in their research activities and other professional pursuits

3. Holding of training camps and refresher courses fr the professional development of the teaching community

4. Preparation of literature on the ontent and pedagogy of Islamic education to bring about a positive change that can ensure realistic solutions to the educational problems

5. Struggle for the solutions to the teachers problems through co-coordinated efforts

6. Holding of educational conferences to develop a shared understanding of Islamic system of education among its members in order to develop a workable action plan

Salient Features:

1. Opening of maximum educational institutions throughout Pakistan

2. Provision of special professional training to the teacher in harmony with the teachings of Islam

3. Islamization of the curriculum

4. To provide a praise-worthy educational, physical and spiritual environment in the institutes

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