7.2 Professional organizations ACTIVITIES:

Professional Growth:

Promoting conferences, workshops, and meetings

Public Relations:

Furnishing data to citizens groups, preparing radio and TV programs, motion pictures and the like

Defending the Teaching Profession:

Making investigations of situations where teachers are unjustly accused and trying to correct such situations


Carrying on pertinent research studies and answering questions from members where objective data are desired

Professional Standards:

Through staff members, committees and other means working for higher standards for all aspects of teaching, especially trying to secure an adequate supply of good teachers

Teacher Welfare:

Working for higher teacher’s salaries and improved retirement systems

Federal Relations:

Attempting to secure desirable new educational legislation and preventing the passage of undesirable types.

Curriculum and structional Development:

Trying to encourage continuous study of curricula and better teaching methods

International Education:

Co-operating with other agencies in support. of the United Nations, UNESCO and the WCOTP

Selective Teacher Recruitment:

Through FTA and many other agencies trying to secure adequate supply of properly qualified young people to prepare for teaching


Publishing professional journals, yearbooks, books, research abstracts, and the like. The NEA Journal is the official organ of the Associations

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