“Teachers are literally the orbiters of nation’s destiny.” If a nation’s teacher comes under class three then the nation itself becomes class three. Therefore it has been rightly said that good teachers make good schools. The quality of a school can be no better than people who are responsible for its improvement without teachers “the most perfect syllabus remains dead.”The teacher thus plays a vital role in the present day schooling; he keeps the lamp of civilization burning. He has to play an important role for the reconstruction of the country and for guiding the nation’s destiny in the right direction.All the different factors which influence the quality of education the role of teachers in guiding learning. It is the teacher who matters most as far as the quality of education is concerned. The well equipped teacher is a supreme factor in freedom in education. He develops out line and objective to be attained for a subject, select materials, teaching aids used efficient method, makes edacious use of lectures discussion demonstration, experimentation, project and field trips, maintains and develops suitable study habit of children, evaluates the effective evaluation techniques etc.The teacher should also look to the growth of pupils through evaluation. He should collect information about the child from his health records, etc. He should try to have a deep understanding and knowledge about his pupils. The role of the teacher in guidance. Alexander the great contact with the pupils. He should encourage desirable traits of personality among the children. Its contribution to national development the quality, competence and character of teachers are undoubtedly the most significant. Nothing is more important than securing a sufficient supply of high quality security to the teaching profession providing them with the best possible professional preparations and creating satisfactory condition of work in which they can be fully effective. In view of the rapid expansion of educational facilities expected during the next three plans and specially in view of the urgent need to raise standard to the highest level and to keep them continually improving these problems have now acquired unprecedented importance and urgency.The role of the teacher, Alexander the great once remarked. “I we my birth to my father but life to my teacher.” He is the man who is associated with the daily life of the students. He can influence the students and direct them to move on the right direction. It is, therefore, important to give in service training for discharging his responsibilities in personal educational and vocational guidance. The teacher should undertake the following activities for guiding proper guidance so the pupils.

a) He should use tools and teaching use for intensive study of children, intelligence, achievement, aptitude test, interest, inventories.

b) He should maintain record and reports

c) He should develop a programme of study group for parents so that they may be able to understand their children’s problems.

d) He should co-ordinate the work of special services related to guidance of doctor, the dentist, the counselor and the guidance officer.

The role of the teacher in maintaining community relations.Emphasis these days, is given on school community relationship. An efficient teacher, who has devoted his life to teaching profession, can understand the importance of school and community relations. He should know that however good a proposal or an educational programme may be, unless the people understand and accept it, he cannot think its success.A good teacher therefore tries to make community ready for accepting a desirable change in the programme through parent teacher association etc. he should realize that people of the community have tremendous investment is essential in the development of school policies. Again he should realize that the role of education only confined to serve the need of children and youth, in broader sense has to contribute much to the community as a whole.The teacher, therefore, should develop his philosophy of life and try to build good school-community relations. Thus he can communicate class-room experiences to the class-room. He can impress the public by showing the achievements of his Pupils in scholastic field, in cultural programmes and in games and sports. When parents visit school, he should welcome them respect their ideas and give them help and confidence. The alert school staff can serve a great deal in the lines of the ignorant uneducated illiterate parents by making it possible for them to come together, to become better acquainted with the needs of children in general, to inform them how well they can nourish.

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