Types of Time Table

A good time table must be complete and comprehensive in every way. It may indicate the type of co-curricular activities being carried out in the school at particular time and place. It may also indicate under whose supervision and guidance those activities are being carried out. But a single time table may convey the entire information satisfactorily. For efficient working of the school, it is desirable to have different time tables for different purposes and activities.

1. Consolidated time table

It is also known as general time table or master time table. It provides a complete picture of the entire school programme from day to day. It can be very useful to the headmaster, who will depend only on this time table for all types of supervisory responsibilities.

2. Class time table

It is the picture of class-wise programmes. It shows what a particular class or section will study in a particular period from a particular teacher at a particular place.

3. Teacher’s time table

Teacher’s time table in consolidated form is very useful for the headmaster to carry out supervisory duties. Every teacher may be provided with his own small strip containing all the subjects and classes he has to teach and the activities he has to look after.

4. Game time table

It will show the allocation of time and place for games for each group. Groups for games cannot be organized on the basis of sections and classes. These are organized on the basis of age and proficiency in games. Therefore there is need and justification for a time table exclusively for the games.

5. Co-curricular activities time table

This will facilitate and systematize the organization of these important activities in a school. It will show the names of various activities, the names of teacher Incharge, the place of meeting and duration etc.

6. Home work time table

In order to rationalise the load of home work, a time table of this type will be very helpful. It will show the amount of home work, to be set by each subject teacher in his subject for concerned class during a week. Thus the students will be saved from unnecessarily heavy burden of home work on certain occasions but too light work load on certain other occasions. It is also advisable to send a copy of home work time table to parents to secure their cooperation in this direction

7. Vacant periods time table

A special time table showing the vacant periods of all the teachers may also be prepared. This is helpful in keeping his classes occupied, when a teacher happens to be on leave.

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