Morning Assembly Purpose:

Morning assembly can serve much purpose and bring many advantages as discussed below:

  • The singing of Morning Prayer and devotional song makes it a very solemn and elevating occasion. The participants get training in devotion to God and spirituality. It can be utilised for creating in the students an surge and habit of prayer and mediation, are very helpful in emotional stability.
  • Some patriotic songs and the flag-song are also sung, which inculcate the spirit of patriotism and love for the country and nation.
  • It can be used for short speeches by theheadmaster, or by any specially qualified membersof the staff, on the ideals and traditions of theschool and the duties and responsibilities of pupils.
  • Common school problems such as the protection and cleanliness of the school building and property, and late-coming, programmes of co-curricular activities, and participation in local educational events are most usefully initiates the topic.
  • Announcements that concern the whole school, such as a little change in the school schedule, preparation for any future programme success in tournaments and other inter-school contests can be made in the assembly.
  • Some of the important religious and national days can also be celebrated in it.
  • The school population can be familiarized with the rules, regulations, ideals, practices, programmes, traditions, limitations and problems of the school. In this way, the assembly helps as a medium for unification, development of community spirit and institutionalization of the entire school population. Everybody develops a sense of belongingness with the institution and feels that he is a part and parcel of one large family.
  • The assembly sets, displays and improves the tone of the school as a whole by enabling the authorities to locate weak spots in the group as a whole and to take remedial measures for the entire group. If the assembly is superb, the entire school atmosphere will be positively affected by it.
  • It is a source of inspiration. Achievements of the students are highlighted before the entire group.
  • It provides opportunity to the headmaster, and the teachers to give talks on various topics of general interest and importance, such as health and hygiene, rules of the road, reading habits, character, morality, etc, Thus the students get a number of essential lessons in behaviour and morality.
  • When the outstanding performances of the students in academic and co-curricular fields are recognized, commended and honored in the assembly, it provides satisfaction and pleasure to the concerned students and gives motivation and incentive to others.
  • It helps in inculcating good audience habits among the students. They become good and responsible listeners. Respect for the ideas and feeling of the other members of the group, courtesy towards speakers and guests, sensible applause, and appreciative attitude are some of the good audience habits developed.
  • It provides a training to the students in self expression and speech making. The students sing songs, lead the prayer, read news items, make announcements, give brief talk and get red of the stage fear.
  • Habits of punctuality, regularity and disciplined participation are also inculcated.

In order to make them effective and draw maximum benefit from them, the programmes of these assemblies should be general-cum-educational-cum-recreational in nature. They should be kept interesting by introducing new and lively. Items in place of the monotonous ones. The students should come, sit, and disperse in a disciplined manner. Gossiping and whispering should be checked. The atmosphere should be calm and serene. A maximum number of students should be given the chance of participating in the programmes. The quality and the standard of the programmes should be kept fairly high. The talks should be interesting, instructive, inspiring and well prepared. It is a solemn and sacred occasion. It will be a bad polity to discuss matter of discipline at school assembly, or to point out the faults and short-comings of pupils. It is not an occasion for scolding or remarks, unpleasant things and reprimand. Bad conduct, except when it is general in incidence, is treated most successfully in private and individually. Again, general talks about pupil’s short coming emphasize the wrong thing and produce a bad effect.

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