Management and Laboratory Organization

The science teacher is Pakistan has also the role of manager in the science laboratory, but on a different scale.Management here means that the teacher should develop such interesting environment in which pupils can work with initiative towards appropriate goals.

Good management of a science laboratory will help to ensure that the laboratory achieves its intended purposes to enhance and consolidate the theoretical science teaching in classrooms. If a science laboratory is poorly managed, it not only will fail to achieve its intended purposes but will probably affect the students’ interest and enthusiasm learning science.

Laboratory Furniture

The state of the furniture in the science laboratory are benches, cupboards, stools, chalkboards, display cupboards, notice-boards, shelves, reagent racks, burette and pipette racks.


A well maintained laboratory is reflected in the general appearance of benches. Laboratories usually have hardwood bench tops and legs. Bench tops are easily damaged by students dragging heavy objects over them, placing hot objects on them and leaving spillages of chemicals unwiped.


This stool is good for laboratory work. Its top is made of hardwood and have metal legs. Bottom of stool legs are covered with pieces of rubber. This will reduce the noise level caused by shifting and dragging stools across the floor. Students should be instructed not to rest their weight on one or two legs of their stools. It is dangerous and if enforced will reduce breakages.


Students usually get their instructions from the chalkboard. So it should be on a proper place and clearly visible for each student. This is important item, must be maintained and adequate light provided.


It is preferable to have built-in cupboards along the walls but ordinary cupboards seem to be more commonly supplied.

Cupboards should have glass in the doors which allows easy identification and checking of apparatus and glassware and also allows the entry of lights. Periodic cleaning of the cupboards will rid them of dust as well as insects.


Shelves are used for storage purposes. Wooden shelves are best for equipment and other items storage. They are uncovered and often the equipment stored on them gather dust rapidly. Very regular cleaning will help them dust free.

Reagent Racks

Reagent racks are usually fixed on bench tops. Some side-benches have reagent racks. These should be cleaned regularly as they gather dust quickly.

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