Instructional Technology Assumption

The instructional technology invovles the following assumptions:

  • The content matter can be divided into its elements and each elements can be resented independetly.
  • The external learning conditions can be created by arranging the elements in logical sequence.
  • The appropriate reinforcement can be providedcontinuously by the use of instruction.
  • The studnts can learn according to his needs andrate of learning.
  • The strategies and tactics of instruction can be used for achieving certain well defined set of instructional objectives.
  • The student can learn successfully without the physical presence of a teacher.
  • Use of A.V. Aids for effective learning. Teaching aids are classified, for convenience of study, into the following categories: (i) Audio aids, (ii) Visual aids, (iii) Audio-Visual aids. Examples of various types of aids generally used to make class-room teaching more effective are given below:

i) Audio Aids

This type of aids include radio, tape-recorder etc. This of aids help in the process of learning as they help the type learner to acquire knowledge through his auditory senses

ii) Visual Aids

This type of aids are quite common and include charts pictures, models, film strips etc. These aid the learner to acquire the learning experience through his visual senses.

iii) Audio-visual Aids

These are those articles and equipments which help the children to learn through seeing and listening, e.g., TV, motion pictures, Video films, etc..By the use of these aids we provide the learner an opportunity to utilize both his auditory and visual senses for gaining the desired learning experiences.

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