Importance of Library

1. Source of knowledge to the teachers

The knowledge arena is exploding day by day and the teachers need to update themselves in every aspect of knowledge to do justice to the subject and the students. A well informed teacher is always a source of inspiration to the students and a figure of reputation and respect. A well organized library can provide the teachers with opportunity of good reading.

2. Source of information on latest development

Knowledge is rapidly advancing and there are changes coming up in the old concepts and theories. The development of new vistas with amazing capabilities requires that the teachers as well as students get opportunity to acquaint with all such developments through the books and research journals or periodicals available in the library.

3. Source of knowledge on new and innovative methods of teaching

There has been innovations and researches with regard to the techniques, strategies and methods of imparting knowledge and skills to the students. This is done in accordance with the widening vistas of knowledge, development and progress. The materials and books available in the library may help the teachers to get acquainted in the latest methods of teaching.

4. Useful in better learning by students

Visits to a library enables students to read several books on the same topics or subject written by different authors in their respective style and presentation. It helps the students to understand and comprehend the topics studied in the class properly. They add on to the acquired knowledge through varied literature and materials reading in the library.

5. Helpful in developing good habits

Library helps in developing the taste for reading and acquiring knowledge among the readers. This will become the precursor for various desirable habits like reading with concentration, punctuality, self study, keeping silence at the place of study, caring for the books etc.

6. Helping in developing scientific attitude

The reading material on scientists, inventions, discoveries, thrills the students and proves a source of inspiration for them in the real pursuit of scientific facts and principles. It helps the students in adopting scientific method in problem solving and developing attitude in their thoughts and actions.

7. Helpful in utilization of leisure time

Library materials create reading interests among the teachers and students. This leads to the proper utilization of leisure time not only in the form of reading but also inmaking practical use of what is learnt through such readings.

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