How School influences Community?

Influence of the school on the community can be summed up as under:

  • Problems of community can be solved by the school.
  • Culture of the community is modified by school.
  • Industrial and vocational progress is influenced bythe school.
  • Standards of living of community are reflected in school and school in turn tries to raise the standards of living of the community.
  • School influences the general environment of the community.
  • School reflects policy of the state.

How Community influences School?

  • Needs of community are reflected in the school.
  • Culture of the community is learnt by students inthe school
  • Values and evils of the community are reflectedthere.
  • Standard of life of community is reflected there
  • Policies are reflected in the schools.

School Community co-operation is really something more basic than the parent teacher or student community relationship ……. If there is no living, dynamic relationship between the two, education will be, unreal, to make any abiding impact on the mind and character of children.

So, unless right points of contact are established between the two, education would remain ineffective and artificial, incapable of being utilized as an instrument of social progress.

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