Difference between Authoritative and Democratic Administration

Purpose:Training or improvement of the teacher into a pattern predeterminal by authority.Improvement of total- teaching-learning situation. Seeks basic understanding by having teachers participate in policy formation.
Scope:Limited, largely to the improvement ofclassroom teaching.Inclusive of all important of failure affecting teaching learning situation; teacher; school plant, etc.
Characteristics:i) Imposed
ii) Principal assumed to be superior
iii) Fixed, rigid, static
iv) Teacher pupil centred v) Leadership imposed due to status, jealousy guarded. and
i) Cooperative ii) Principal in a peer relationship teachers. with
iii)Experimental and flexible; Constantly seeking better methods.
iv) Situation centre
v) Leadership shared; authority derived from a conferred by the group.
Methods:Teacher evaluated by his superior administrators.Self-evaluation by teacher and cooperative evaluation of their functioning for the purpose of improving the total teaching learning situation.
Work largely limited to individual teachers.Work with teacher group in study and analysis of total teaching learning situation. Group study of specific problems.

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