D-Design/Shape of the School Building

Various architectural designs have been suggested for the school building. However, in the beginning we may start with I type building, i.e., all class rooms may be in a single row. This is capable of extension into various types.There are number of designs which are adopted in general.

The Simply ‘I’ Type

This will consist of a number of class rooms in a single row. This can be temporary arrangement to be expanded further and changed into a more suitable design.

The ‘L’ Type

This is an improvement on the previous simple design. In this case the I design will have an extension of one side.

The ‘T’ Type

This consist of I type with an extension on one side both ways.

The ‘U’ Type

This has two I’s joined on one side.

The ‘E’ Type

In this the I design will have three extensions on the same side of the main Block.

The ‘H’ Type

This consists of two I’s joined in the centre with a block of rooms.

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