Concept of Supervision

Supervision has many different meanings. Each person who reads or hears the word interprets it in terms of his past experiences, his needs, and his purposes. A supervisor may consider it a positive force for programme improvement; a teacher may see it as a threat to his individuality; another teacher may think of it as a source of assistance and support.Various definitions of supervision are as follows:

According to Dictionary

The dictionary meaning of supervision is “to. superintend, or to guide and to stimulate the activities of others with a view to their improvement.” In the sphere of education, we can confine it to the process of education more so to instruction. Let us see what various authorities have to say.

According To Dicky

“Supervision is a planned programme of improvement of instruction.”

According to Buston and Bruckener

“Supervision is an expert technical service primarily aimed at studying and improving co-operatively all factors which affect child growth and development.”

According to Kimball Wills

“Assistance in the development of a better teaching learning-situation.”

According to Barr and Buston

“Supervision is the foundation which all on programmes for improvement of teaching must be built.”

According to Adams and Dicky

“The function of educational supervision is the improvement of instruction”.

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