School is to be organized from the point of view of community.

1. Literal Meaning

The word ‘community’ comprise two words ‘Com’ and ‘Munis’. ‘Com’ means togetherness and ‘Munis’ means to serve. Hence the word community means to serve together.

2. To quote Ogburn and Nimkof

A community may be thought of as the total organization of social life within a limited area.”The chief characteristics of community are:

  • A geographical area,
  • A specific name,
  • The possession of common customs,
  • It is the ‘WE FEELING’ that is most dominant in it.

Interdependence of School and Community

There is always a close relationship between the school and the community. Both the school and community are mutually interdependent. School exists because of community. The community has certain aims and objectives and these are to be realized. These are realized through the schools. The interaction between the school and the community is always going on.

School should not work in isolation

Now it is universally realized that the school should not work in isolation from the social life. After all, schools are opened by the community to fulfill its needs. The community has certain expectations from the school. It fixes certain aims and objectives, which school must realise. The school is an agency of social change.

Education is a continuous process which takes place everywhere, at all times. The child receives valuable educative experiences both in the school and outside. Thus, there is a great need that the school and community should work in close coordination for the education of children. The starting point of educational reform must be the relinking of the school to life and the restoring of the intimate relationship between them which has broken down with the development of the formal tradition of education.

Why interdependence of School and Community?

Why should school and community relationship be strengthened?

1. Increasing Problems

The problems of school are increasing e.g. the number of students is increasing, indiscipline is increasing. To solve these problems, it is a must to strengthen the interdependence of school and community.

2.Realisation of Educational Objectives

If we want to achieve the objectives of education in our school and help our people in their all round development, it is essential to strengthen school-community relationship.

3. Maximum Development/Social Progress

It is clear that to achieve this the relationship is to be strengthened.

4. School is an Integral Part of Community

School is an integral part of the community. Methods of teaching and curriculum are in accordance with the needs of the community. The school is connected with nobler and better causes of community.

If we continue the present practice of working in the isolated compartments, the school not enriching community, the Community not supporting the school, not only will it defeat our educational objectives but whatever education we provide, will be stale and anemic.

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