10.1.A- School Timing

School timing is different in different reasons. It is 5 hours in summer and 5:30 hours in the winter reason. This time includes morning assembly and recess time. If the head teacher of primary school feel necessary, he can reduce the time up to one hour but this relaxation is not for school staff. The head teacher of the girls school is authorized of the girls school is authorized to close the school fifteen minutes earlier than that of boys school.

There are eight periods scheduled in time table daily where as five on Friday. After five periods, there will be break. These timings are for students only. All staff members will remain in school and will plan and prepare lesson plans, results, have assignments and games in the evening.

Before the commencement of the academic year, the management of the school must plan a school calendar showing vacations, examinations, sports day, prize distribution etc. This schedule is flexible and may put to change on account of different problems, reasons and pressures. Most of the schools convey this schedule to the parents. The parents can plan their activities according to this calendar.

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