The area of the school campus will depend upon the following:

1. The strength of the school

The building requirements of the school depend upon the number of students. The more the number, the more the class-rooms needed. Also, class-rooms should be so built that every child gets floor area not less than that 10 sq. ft. If fifty pupils are admitted, the requisite area of the floor will be 500 square feet. If 500 pupils are there, there must be ten classes.

2. The type of the school

The area of the school campus will also depend upon the type of the school-whether an ordinary school or public school, residential or non-residential school. For residential school, space for staff quarters, hostel, dining rooms etc. is also needed.

3. The Activities

The area of the school will also depend upon the activities to be undertaken. A large number of activities will require ample place, e.g., grounds, gymnasium etc.

4. The number of subjects

If there is a diversification of course, there will be different groups of subjects and pupils. Hence it will necessitate more rooms, e.g., art room, science room, agriculture room, school farm, workshops etc.

5. In our country, population is on the increase, so is the number of schools. We have to design buildings according to the available area at a particular place.

6. The following minimum area is recommended

No. of ChildrenArea for the BuildingArea for Playground
160 Children2/3 acres2/3 acres
320 Children1 acre3-5 acres
480 Children1/2 acre6-7 acres

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