B-Building Site and Surrounding

The school cannot be put up anywhere and everywhere. The following principles in this connection should be borne in mind:

1. Location

The school be located away from noisy or over- crowded places. It should be away from residential areas. A rural school should be near the village whereas the urban school should not be far away from the main road or the school should have its own transport arrangement.

2. Soil

The school building should be erected where the subsoil water is deep and where there is no dampness.
3. Level

The level of surface must be little raised and the surface should be even that the rain water does not anywhere in the school.

4. Surroundings

The school should be situated in a very neat and clean place. There should be no dirty place nearby. Unclean surroundings are detrimental for the health of pupils and teachers in the school.

5. Beauty

The school campus and its surroundings must give a beautiful look. This has an appeal to the aesthetic sensibility of the children and teachers.

6. Sufficient open space

The school should be situated in an area where there is sufficient open spaces for future expansion.

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