Advantages of School Record

A) Record Help the School

  • To locate each pupil quickly.
  • To have available the significant fact about each pupil.
  • To explain and remove undesirable conditions.
  • To find if all legal requirements are met.
  • To determine if any administrative or otherchanges are desirable.
  • To make important investigations and case studies possible.
  • . To find if school funds are adequate and wisely expended.
  • To reduce retardation and failure to a minimum.

B) Record Help the Classroom Teachers

  • To know pupils when the school year begins.
  • To determine what work a pupil is capable of doing.
  • To provide learning activities suitable to eachpupil.
  • To formulate a basis for the intelligent guidance of pupils.
  • To explain the behaviour characteristics or unhappy conditions of any pupil.
  • 1 make possible the development of unusual capacities or exceptional talents.
  • To identify and make proper provisions for the mentally slow.
  • . To make assignments to committee work andmonitorial positions.
  • To make periodic reports correctly and in time.
  • To be properly informed when conferring with parents and others about a pupil.

C) Permanent Records Help the Pupil

  • To receive fair consideration in his classification.
  • To do his best in making a good record.
  • To make progress in accordance with his ability.
  • To secure transfer of correct information toother schools when desired.
  • To receive proper adjustment and guidance.

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