9.1 Different Roles Of Teacher

The following are the different roles of teacher.

1. Parent Surrogate

(Parent substitute)A teacher is expected to act as a parent of the students and treat them with affection and care.

2. Ego-supporter

He is expected to build up and maintain a healthy and strong ‘ego’ and ‘self-concept’ among children.
3. Helper

The teacher is expected to be a helper to students by way of providing them academic and personal guidance.

4. Resource Person

He is expected to play the role of a resource person who possesses knowledge of the subject-matter and skills better than the pupils.

5. Detective

He acts as a detective in detecting offences and rule breakers.

6. Facilitator of Learning

He is expected to promote significant learning among his students.

7. Limiter or Reducer of Anxiety

He is expected to assist students to control their impulses and reduce anxiety about conduct and performance in different problematic situations.

8. Referee

He is expected to settle disputes among students in an objective and fair manner.

9. Group Leader

He is expected to act as a leader in developing suitable climate and cohesion in the class as a social group.

10. Inspirer and Exemplar

He is expected to behave in a manner whereby the traits exemplified by him may be emulated by the students.

11. Judge

He is expected to evaluate the academic and other performance of the students in an impartial manner.

12. Confidant

He is expected to win and share the confidence of the students.

13. Friend and Philosopher

He is expected to play the role of a friend, philosopher and guide to the students.

14. Upholder of Norms and Values

He is expected to uphold the norms and values of the society.

15. Moral Educator

He is expected to inculcate the attitudes and moral values cherished by the society among the students.

16. Democrat

He is expected to play the role of à democrat.

17. Rationalist

He is expected to play the role of a rationalist by basing his actions on reason.

18. Initiator

He is expected to play the role of an initiator by exploiting the new technology to the best advantage of the students and the purposes of education. He should play the roles of a planned organizer of curricular innovator of educational ideas, practices and systems, writer of Radio and T.V lessons and programmes, user of video- tapes and computers etc.

19. Reformer

In a country, where conservatism and superstitions prevail, a teacher is expected to play the role of a social reformer.

20. Equalizer

He should act as equalizer by working for minimizing inequalities in the educative process.

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