6.1 Need for School-Community Cooperation

The school-community coordination is important and can be summed up in the following words:

1. Linking school with life

The school learning is related to the community’s life. Students come to know about the utility and application of facts in life. Therefore, the school learning becomes meaningful.

2. Awareness of school experience

The students become aware of the various social happenings. They come to know about various facts and forces working in the surrounding community.

3. Enrichment of school experience

The school experiences can be enriched by the community resources. The surrounding community possesses vast resources, both material and human. If the children are taken out of the school to explore these resources, their knowledge and outlook will be widened. They will also appreciate the cultural heritage and understand their own role in society. Also, the members of the community can provide useful knowledge to the students.

4. Love for social ideals

The school-community relationship helps in inculcating desirable social ideals in the students.

5. Co-operation of the community

The members of the community start taking interest in the working of the school. They co-operate and help in the smooth functioning of the school. The community can help the school with its material and human resources.

6. Education of the community

The school-community link can be used for education of the community members. The students can organize adult education programmes. Various films, exhibitions, cultural programmes can be shown to the members of the community.

7. Social welfare

The students can organize certain social welfare programmes. They may launch cleanliness, anti-dowry, anti-diseas. campaigns in the community. They may co- operate with the community to execute certain projects initiated by the community.

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