5.2 Expectation from a Teacher

A-Expectation from a teacher with reference to Profession

  • To keep abreast of the developments in the teaching profession.
  • To maintain membership in some professional organizations relevant to his subject or area of specialty.
  • To show ethical behaviour in relations with fellow teachers and educational associates.
  • To keep abreast of subject-matter through study of books, periodicals, newspapers and other sources concerning development in his field.
  • To utilize films, filmstrips, T.V. and radio as a means of keeping abreast of new and advanced knowledge in his field.
  • To attend conferences, workshops, seminars and meetings; to take field trips which tend to broaden knowledge.
  • To exercise professional direction in his relations with parents and the community.
  • To attend to the all-round development of the learners under his charge.

B-Expectation from a teacher with reference to administration

  • He should give due regard to the head, the members of the managing committee and the personnel working in the Education Department.
  • He should be loyal to the institution.
  • He should appreciate the difficulties and limitations of the head of the institution.
  • He should not indulge in loose talk.
  • He should submit timely reports and records to the appropriate authority through the head of the institution.

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