5.2 Expectation from a Teacher continue..

C-Expectation from a teacher with reference Community

  • Participating in parent-teacher and similar activities.
  • Participating in community affairs.
  • Making himself available to parents at scheduled times to discuss pupil progress and behaviour.
  • Evincing a helpful, sympathetic and understanding attitude towards parents and their children’s schooling problems.
  • Assuring through personal behaviour in thecommunity that the school-staff image in thecommunity is favourable.
  • Showing due courtesy to the members of the community and especially when they visit the school.

D-Expectations from a teacher with reference to students

  • Students should have free access to the teacher.
  • The teacher should give due regard to the individuality of the students.
  • The teacher should take interest in the welfare of the students.
  • The teacher should attend to their individual needs.
  • The teacher should share responsibility with thestudents.
  • The teacher should be fair and just with the students.
  • The teacher should have faith in the students.

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