4.3 General Rules

1. Flexibility

The time-table should be flexible enough. There should be possibility of adjustment to suit the changing needs, individual difference, environment, season, internal school circumstances and latest trends in education.

2. Provision for recreation

There should be provision for recreation like play and games, physical exercise. Listening to school broadcast and to co-curricular activities intervening between periods of serious academic work. Recreational activities should not eat up any time reserved for teaching and learning.

3. Provisions for Activities

It is suggested that a time-table should be taken in terms of activities instead of subjects and useful activity may be taken as a centre around which the study of all subjects should come spontaneously.

3. Change of place and posture

The time-table should admit of rotational change of place, room, posture and seating arrangement of the pupils.

4. Duration of period

Duration of period should suit the age level of the pupils. For a primary class period of thirty minutes will be quite justifiable. A period of thirty five minutes in summer and forty minutes in winter for secondary and higher secondary level will be appropriate for sustaining interest.

5. Co-ordination of efforts

It should provide for adequate co-ordination of efforts of different teachers. Time should be provided for co- operative planning, discussion, co-operative teaching and conference. The teachers should be entitled to make necessary changes and adjustments to suit co-ordination in their efforts.

6. Simple and free from ambiguity

A time table should be simple and free from ambiguity. General subjects, place of teaching, floor or gallery should be specified.

7. Relevance

Writing lessons should not be immediately after arrival or after play as children hands are always hot and insteady after exercise.

8. Sequence

There should be a proper sequence of subject. Two subjects imposing much mental stress e.g., an arithmetic and grammar should not come one immediately after the others.

9. Importance of subject

Time should be given according to the importance of subjects. The important part of the day must be devoted to the primary subjects like mathematics, language etc.

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