4.1 School Time Table

The time table is an important means of organizing the school work. It is methodical and preplanned scheme of curricular activities. It is a chart which shows what is going on and where, and who conducts the work. “The schedule is the spark plug of the school which sets into motion its various activities and programmes.” That is why the time-table is called second school clock. Just as the clock indicates time, the time-table indicates intervals of various types of work and rest.

“Well arranged time is the surest mark of a well arranged mind.”

It is mirror that reflects the entire educational programme followed in the school.

H. G. Stead says—“It is the time table that supplies the frame work within which the work of the school proceeds. It is the instrument through which the purpose of the school is to function.”

The school time table is a pre-arranged scheme of studies and activities. A time table is, in fact, the second clock of the school, on the face of which are shown, the hours of the day for school work, the kind of activity for each class, the number and length of periods, the interval, the morning assembly., time for games, library and recreation, teacher -wise work allotment etc. It is an outline of the day’s work which indicates.”

  • Time of beginning and ending of school day
  • Time of beginning and ending of each class period
  • Subjects and activities period offered
  • Days on which each class and each activity meetings are held
  • Name of the teacher, incharge of each class or activity.
  • Room in which class or activity meets; and
  • Time, length and number of intermissions.

Thus, time table is the spark plug of the school which sets into motion its various actives and p programmes.

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