3.3 Kinds of Records to be Maintained

School records and registers can be broadly classified under the following heads.

3.3.1 General Records

  • School Calendar
  • Log Book
  • Visitor’s, Book
  • Service Registers
  • Admission and Withdrawal Register
  • Transfer Certificate Book
  • General Order Book

3.3.2 Financial Record

  • Contingency Register
  • Acquaintance Roll
  • Contingent Order Book
  • Fee Collection Register
  • Abstract Register of Fees
  • Bill Register
  • Register of Donations
  • Register of Scholarships
  • Boy’s Fund Registers

3.3.3 Educational Record

  • Pupils’ Attendance Register
  • Teachers’ Attendance Register
  • Time Tables’ Record
  • Examinations’ Results Record
  • Monthly Progress Register
  • Private Tuition Register
  • Public Examination Register
  • Register of Corporal Punishment
  • Teachers’ Diaries
  • Cumulative Records

3.3.4 Equipment Record

  • Stock Book of Furniture and School Appliances
  • Library Catalogue
  • Accession Register
  • Issue Books, Register of Newspapers and Magazines received
  • Stock and Issue Register of Sports Material

3.3.5 Correspondence

  • “From” and “To’ Registers
  • Peon Book
  • Memo Book
  • File of Departmental Orders and Circulars
  • Register of Casual Leave Granted

3.3.6 Account Books

  • Cash Book for Daily Receipts and Expenditure
  • General Ledger or Classified Abstract of theMonthly Totals.
  • Remittance Book
  • Register of Pay Bills

The details of important record of the school is described as under:

1. Admission and Withdrawal Register

2.Pupils attendance Register

3.School Calendar

4.Cash Book


6.Contingency Register

7.Funds Register

8.Properity Register

9.Service Register

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