3.2.3 Practical Aspects

1. Prepare a stock list of registers maintained in the school.

2. Write distinctly the following particulars on the outer cover of each register:

  • The name of school.
  • The serial number of the register.
  • The name of the register
  • The name of volume
  • The name of pages of the volume.
  • The opening and closing dates.

3.Number the pages consecutively either in the red ink or with a number machine when a register is opened.

4. Keep the registers tidy. Avoid overwriting.

5. Make all the entries in ink.

6. Get each cutting attested by the head.

7. Do not open a new volume of a register every year, If the previous volume contains some blank pages.

8. Fill up every column provided in a prescribed register and do not leave any blank space between entries.

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