3.2.2 Significant Features

1. Validity

The facts recorded must be authentic. It is better not to write any information than to give untrue information.

2. Comprehensiveness

A cumulative record should contain information as complete and comprehensive as possible.

3. Accuracy

The information should be accurately recorded from the original source. If instead of 150 one writes 105 as score of an individual in English let us say, one can imagine the difference in the educational guidance of that student.

4. Objectivity

Personal opinion and judgments should be reduced to the minimum.

5. Economy of Space

The criterion of a good record is that the maximum possible information is contained in the space available.

6. Regency

Any piece of information should be recorded as soon as it is obtained.

7. Outcome of a cooperative Enterprise

It should be the result of group thinking.

8. Evaluation

It should be evaluated every year so as to know how far it serves the purpose.

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