3.2.1 Fundamental Elements


All information contained in the school records should be accurate, well organized, pertinent and justified solely on grounds of the contribution it can make either directly or indirectly to the welfare of the students.

2. Completeness

Data about a child should be kept upto date and include information that reveals his true condition at any given time. In the case of his transfer from one school to another, his records should follow him.

3. Utility

Record system should provide for collecting and recording in working with children.

4. Comprehensiveness

In view of the emphasis on the harmonious development of the child, different kinds of records will have to be kept. All members of the staff have a responsibility for keeping records peculiar to their field of activity.

5. Easy Maintenance

The records and reports should be easily maintained require a minimum of time and energy for making entries.

6. Systematic Maintenance

School records. should be maintained and located where they will be used to the greatest advantage by staff personnel. The files should not be cluttered with unusable records and reports that teachers lose interest and become discouraged when they seek information related to the work they are doing. Separate files or note-book should be kept for each separate record or report.

7. Availability

School records should always be available in the school premises and should not be removed form the school premises for the purpose of scrutiny.

A record system then should be designed carefully, kept efficiently, located strategically and should contain all information that is essential to the achievement of the aim for which it was established.

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