3.1 Concept and Objectives

3.1.1 Concept

The modern type of cumulative record was first made available in 1928 by the American Council of Education. The need of such a record was felt in view of the inadequate information that was contained in the various forms that were available.

“The external examination, cannot give a correct and complete picture of a pupil’s all-round progress at any particular stage of his education; yet it is important for us to assess this in order to determine his future course of study or his future vocation. For this purpose a proper system of school records should be maintained for every pupil indicating the work done by him in the school form day to day, month to month term to term and year to year. Such a school record will present a clear and continuous statement of the attainments of the child in different intellectual pursuits throughout the successive evaluation of his education It will also contain a progressive evaluation of development in other directions of less importance, such as the growth of his interests, aptitudes, and personality traits, his social adjustments, the practical and social activities in which he takes part. In other words, it will give a complete career.”

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