3.1.2 Objectives of School Record:

The objectives of school record are described as under:

1. To fulfill Legal Requirements

School records and reports are used to satisfy the legal requirements of the State, to appraise the effectiveness of the instructional programme, to help in the administration of the school, to furnish research data statistical analysis and interpretation of policies and programmes, and to develop cooperative and constructive relations with the parents of pupils in school.

2. Essential for Successful Working of an Institution

School is a social institution answerable to the parents, the managing committee, the department and the public in general and the records kept by the school serve as a useful means to judge its efficiency. Carefully and efficiently kept school records are indispensable for the successful working of the school.

3. Essential for the All-round Growth of the Child

School is entrusted with the task of the of the all- round development of the personality of each child and to discharge this function it is absolutely essential to keep a record of his day-to-day growth and development.

4. Records and Grant-in aid

Sometimes certain conditions are laid down by the department for the payment of grants-in-aid to schools. For example, on the basis of average daily attendance of the school, block grants are sometimes sanctioned. This requires the supply of certain facts and statistics.

5. For Educational Reforms

Educational reforms can undertaken only when the school record provide a useful help in supplying comprehensive data to those who are asked to shoulder the responsibility of educational reforms.

6. Assessment of an Institution

School records assist us to assess the progress and needs of a particular locality.

7. Cooperation of Parents

To make the parents interested in school work and in their wards, school send progress reports from time to time. This helps in establishing closer contacts between the home and the school.

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