2.2.A-School Library

Library is the most attractive and educative place lying in the campus of an institution. A well equipped library should be the primary requisite of every school. It is a quiet and most proper place for the study as well as storing of all types of information.

A library should provide students of all grades and classes sufficient material for enriching their knowledge. They can gain valuable extra information in addition to their textbooks from the books and material related to the study. The teacher and the taught need to supplement their knowledge from time to time updating themselves with the latest developments and progress. The scope for updating the knowledge of teachers and the students is only possible through the books and material available in the library. However, to achieve this goal among the students, the teacher should inculcate in the pupil the love for reading and ability to use reference books. The pupils may be asked to write a brief review of the books they have read. A cross reference index maintained to indicate the information contained in the books will help as a ready reference to the teachers and will help as a guide to pupils in their reading. A small committee of students should be elected to help a teacher in the library work.

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