The building should have adequate accommodation for the various purposes. Its structure should be safe and stable. It should not look congested and should allow for free movement of the school population. It should be well protected by a boundary wall or a fence. The rooms should be provided with proper ventilation and lifting arrangements.

In order to meet various requirements, there should be the provision of the following building: rooms in the school

  • Principle’s Office
  • School Office
  • Staff Room
  • Library and reading room
  • Assembly hall
  • Common room (especially for girls in a coeducational institution)
  • Laboratories as per the number of sciencesubjects
  • Workshops for various vocational or semiix)Vocational courses.
  • Guidance Room
  • Museum and Audio Visual Room
  • Stores as per requirements
  • Dispensary
  • Sports room
  • N.C.C Room
  • Tuck Shop
  • Cycle stand
  • Urinals and Lavatories
  • Class Rooms adequate in number
  • Subjects Rooms for special subjects
  • Rooms for Activities etc.
  • It is needless to add here that there should be adequate drinking water facilities in the school and it should have proper sanitary arrangement.

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