10.1.C- Attendance

In order to run the institution in a disciplined way, the attendance of the students is of prime importance. The attendance of the students is recorded in an attendance register. Attendance register contains the names of the students. Against each name columns are provided to record presence or absence. In some countries attendance is recorded once and in other twice daily. Usually the signs adopted to mark presence and absence are P and A respectively. Leave due to illness and other reasons is marked by L. At the end of the month, total presences are noted in the column provided. When school does not meet any day, a line is drawn in the respective column and nature of holiday is written.

The attendance of the teacher is also very important which is recorded in teachers’ attendance register. Teachers’ attendance register is kept in head teachers’ room. When teachers come to the school on the commencement of sessions, they sign or write their initials against their names in the columns provided for this purpose. The head teacher also marks his attendance and checks the attendance of the staff. He marks C.L for the casual leves of the teachers. At the end of the month, head teacher counts and records total no. of casual leaves taken by each teacher. Casual leaves of each teacher are counted at the end of the year.

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