10.1.B-Morning Assembly

This activity exists almost in every school. It is the opening period in which the entire school population assembles together. Beside other unifying symbols as the motto, uniform insignia is an effective means of expressing and promoting the corporate life of the school as a whole. It is an opportunity to control and direct the efforts of the student population as a whole, to mould their opinion, and to influence consideration of matters of common interest to the school, to seek inspiration from the ideals and traditions of the school, and to remind everybody of his general duties and obligations. All the students and teachers supposed to be present in it.

Nature of its activities:

Following are some of the common activities of the school assembly:

  • Roll call
  • Checking of cleanliness and dress
  • Singing of devotional song,
  • School prayer,
  • News in brief,
  • Short ethical speech by a student, a teacher or the headmaster
  • Notices and instructions,
  • Extension lecture,
  • Announcements and commendations
  • Mass drill.

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