1.2 Trends in Administration

Generally there are three types of trends found in administration which are discussed as under:

1. Authoritative

It is an administrative style which resembles with dictatorship.


  • Administrator imposes his opinion and is rigid.
  • Subordinates are suppressed and frightened.
  • Feelings and sentiments of other are not cared.
  • Focus is on control and discipline.
  • Principle is that boss is always right.
  • There is no sharing consultation.
  • Subordinates can not question the opinion of administrator.
  • Subordinates are bound to follow the orders.
  • There is no sympathy or relaxation for subordinates.
  • Decision are mode and imposed by administrator.


  • Institutionsreflectorder,disciplinecompliance of rules and regulations.
  • Work is completed without delay.
  • Only the opinion of the experts is implemented.
  • All the assignments are carried rapidly.
  • It encourages working relationship.
  • It is result oriented.


  • It discourages free thought, article thinking andcreativity.
  • It damages human esteem and ego.
  • It creates negative culture of flattering.
  • It hinders the way to experimentation and innovation.
  • Subo Jinates face great loss for non-compliance.
  • It reduces commitment and enthusiasm.
  • Staff is divided and is victimized by conspiracies.
  • There is trust deficient between boss and staff.
  • promotes ‘yes sir culture rather than fessionalism.

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