1.2 Trends in Administration continue….

2. Democratic

It is opposite to authoritative style.


  • There is sharing and cooperation.
  • Administrator isflexibility.
  • Respect and importance is given to subordinates.
  • Feelings and sentiments of other are cared.
  • There is freedom of expression and thought.
  • All members participate in decision making.
  • The responsibility of achieving the task is collective.
  • Powers are delegated and shared.


  • All members feel responsible for achieving targets.
  • Decision are collectively made and members work hard to achieve objectives.
  • It paves the way for alternative leadership by delegation of powers.
  • It promotes creative environment which leads towards progress.
  • It promotes self control.
  • It reduces distance between subordinates and administrator.
  • It enhances motivation among the members of the staff.


  • Sometimes freedom crosses its boundaries.
  • The difference of opinion creates problems.
  • Every person gives more importance to his ownideas and ignores the opinion of experts.
  • It promotes negative criticism.
  • Every person do not possess sound thinking andjudgment.
  • Members of staff incline towards opinions which serve their own interests.
  • There is need to suppress vice strictly.

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