1.2 Trends in Administration continue…..

3. Laissez-faire

Laissez-faire literally means, “let people do what theywish.”


  • Administrators do not interfere the matters.
  • They show lack of interest and sense of responsibility.
  • Subordinates enjoy limitless freedom.
  • Subordinates do not follow the rules and guidelines
  • Focus is on status quo.
  • Decisions are made without the involvement ofleadership.
  • Staff members work according to their will.


  • Laissez-faire style of administration favours the institutions or organizations with highly professional members who are responsible, expert and experienced.
  • It is useful for organizations having business partnership.


  • Institutions reflect chaos, disorder, anarchy and lack of discipline.
  • Quality is declined.
  • There is decline innorms, standards andprofessionalism.
  • Members do not follow the guidelines.

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