1.1 Objectives and Aims

a) Objectives and Aims of Administration

The following are the major objectives of school administration.

1. Defining the functions of the school

One of the major objectives of school administration is to raise an efficient and organized school. An efficient school is the one that tries to fulfill the objectives prescribed by the community or the society. Defining, and enlisting the functions of the school for the fulfillment of goals is the prime role of good school administration.

2. To facilitate the educative process

Although the educative process is basically the same in educational activities to facilitate the educative process suitable to a certain place and a certain section of the society. School administration, therefore, exists only for the people and its efficiency must be measured by the extent to which it contributes to teaching and learning.”

3. To eliminate Wastage

School administration aims at eliminating wastage in man-power as well as in materials. It must ensure that none of the resources goes waste or is used un- economically. Educational administration is to enable the right pupils to receive right education from the right teachers, at a cost within the means of the state, under conditions, which will enable the pupil to profit by the training.”

4. To Provide for experimentation and research

School administration aims at producing healthy atmosphere for experimentation and research. This will help in streamlining the educational process. This will also help in giving progressive touch to the educational system in a society. There is, in fact, the need for experimentation and research in education to meet the changing requirements of a dynamic society.

5. To simplify complexities

School administration should aim at simplifying the complexity of the tasks in order to ensure the best result. The educational climate within and outside the school involves varied problems as well as interests. The problems may be related to curricular and co-curricular activities, methodology, curriculum, discipline, staffing, admissions, evaluation and many other related matters. School administration must ensure the best results.

The objectives of school administration can be summed up as:

  • To organize the school to benefit the scholar
  • To train his faculties
  • To widen outlook
  • To cultivate his mind
  • To form and strengthen his character
  • To give him health and strength
  • To teach him duty to himself
  • To organize the school life in such a way as to provide social life to the students so that they may be prepared in the ‘Art of Living Together.’ The school has its own community life which can be used as an excellent training ground for citizenship.
  • To make the school a place of Community Centre
  • To provide initiative and freedom to the students and the teachers.
  • To organize co-curricular activities.
  • To help each pupil in the unfolding and blossoming of his personality.
  • To prepare the students for vocation in line with their abilities and aptitudes.
  • To develop ethical judgment and aesthetic appreciation based on a correct philosophy of life.
  • To train students in scientific attitude towards life and its problems.

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