1.1 Objectives and Aims continue….

b) Objectives and Aims of Management:

Aims and objectives of school management are same which are determined by the Government of Pakistan in education policies. As per National Education Policy 1979 following are the aims of education:

1. To develop loyality to Islam and Pakistan

To develop in the hearts and minds of the people of Pakistan in general and the students in particular, a deep and abiding loyality to Islam and Pakistan and strengthening unity of people of Pakistan on the basis of justice and fair play.

2. To contribute towards welfare of Muslims

To create awareness in every student that he, as a member of Pakistan Nation is also a part of the Universal Muslim Ummah and that it is expected of him to make a fair contribution towards the welfare of fellow Muslims inhabiting the globe on the one hand and to spreading Islam throughout the world on the other.

3. To produce true Pakistani’s

To produce citizens who are fully conversant with the Pakistani movement, its ideological foundations, history and culture so that they may feel proud of their heritage and can display firm faith in the future of the country as an Islamic state.

4. To develop character

To develop and inculcate in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah, the character, conduct and motivation expected of a true Muslim.

5. To provide educational opportunities

To develop and ensure equal educational opportunities to all citizen of Pakistan and provide minorities with adequate facilities for their cultural and religious development enabling them to effectively participate in overall national effort.

6. To develop potential through education and training

To impart quality education and to develop fully according to their capacity, through training and retraining and to develop the creative and innovative faculties of the people with a view to building their capability to effectively manage social, natural and productive forces, consistent with the value system of Islam.

7. To provide basic education for all

To provide a minimum acceptable level of functional literacy and fundamental education to all citizens of the country particularly the young, irrespective of faith, caste and creed in order to enable them to participate productively in the total effort.

8. To create interest for learning and discipline

To create interest and love for learning and discipline among the youth and to realize that education is continuous and a life long process.

9. To promote education for development

To promote and strengthen scientific, vocational and psychological education, training and research in the country and, to use this knowledge for socio-economic growth and development thereby ensuring a self-reliant and secure future for the nation.

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